What is Stress?

All stresses can be divided into 3 different types:

  1. Physical Stress
    Things such as trauma or accidents, prolonged incorrect daily posture, such as desk work, repetitive strain or movements in work or play, sports, even the birth process is a stress on a mother and the child.
  2. Chemical Stress
    Toxins we are exposed to like, preservatives in food, cigarette smoke, medication, alcohol, drugs, environmental pollutants and the most common is poor diet.
  3. Emotional Stress
    This is due to work pressure and deadlines, arguments with partners or family, life or career changes, relationship or family stresses, not knowing where you are headed in life and even patterns developed by watching family members whilst growing up.
Stress is damaging to your body!

Physical stress is the main focus for most hands-on therapists. The structure of your body allows it to cope with daily movements, pressure and tension. For example, when the bones of the spine (the vertebra) become stiff they can then place pressure on our nervous system. This is devastating to the function of your body as the nervous system becomes impaired. This can lead to the brain and body not communicating properly which can be the cause many of the health complaints we common see at Infinite Healthcare.