Our Healthcare Team

Infinite Healthcare in Randwick Sydney, multidisciplinary Healthcare at its best.

Infinite Healthcare brings together a team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and other professions who specialise in different areas to provide you with the best possible care. Located in Randwick, in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, we will help you with healthcare problems as well as providing preventative care aiming to improve your long term well being. We also offer education sessions to increase community understanding of how you can improve your health not just through our services.

Our team of practitioners are experienced in working with different age groups, particularly with children and the elderly as well as with sports people, all where specialist attention is required. Each practitioner has a different area of the expertise, so together we can provide you with the maximum attention.


Koray Kirk


Martin McRae


Nicholas Guthrie


Elijah Clemente


Many areas of healthcare are often misunderstood, which is why Infinite Healthcare offer education sessions, to help people understand how our services can offer prevention, address primary causes and treat injuries.

By understanding your individual needs we deliver personalised specialist care and education for treatment and prevention — now and for the future.